Parset County
Capital Gamsford
Area 7,110 sq. miles

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Parset County is a rural county in northern Barlovia, centered around the rich agricultural lands along the River Glimsey. Much of the county is given over to intensive agriculture, although Parset County is also a prime location for noble estates and manors.


Parset stretches from the southern flanks of the Far Downs to the coast of Gallings Bight. The coastline is very irregular, and surrounds the bay known as Parset Water. The county also includes the island of Stammat and the cape of Gallings Head. Gamsford is the county seat and largest city, and Prestley is the county's main port town.
The center of the county is mostly lowland farms. Low hills lie west of Gamsford, and a forested moor makes up the southeastern corner of the county. The population density is highest in the region including the central valley and along the coast, and all the way out to Gallings Head.


Parset County is noted for both its rich agriculture and the high density of noble estates. It seems that nearly every nobleman in Norrilund has an estate in Parset, although finer estates are found in Norlindon and Middleshire. The Prestley and Thursport Railway can get passengers from Norrilund to most parts of Parset within a day or less, and the beaches of Parset are usually packed with vacationers on warm summer days.