Queen Mariah
Mariah Calado
Aliases Queen Mariah
Home Dancing Dolphin City
Gender female
Born 1516
Age in 1556 40

Mariah Calado, more frequently known as "Queen Mariah", is the admiral of the Pimidi Fleet Pirates, and the "mayor" of Dancing Dolphin City in the Attamat Islands.


Mariah Calado was born in Turlona to a poor family of fisherfolk. When she was 15 years old, her village was raided by pirates, and she was taken captive, along with a number of other young girls. After a few days at sea she secretly organized the girls and led a takeover of the vessel. Calado personally killed the captain and many of his crew, and marooned the survivors on Rat Cay. Taking control of the ship (the Cayrunner), Calado led her new crew to Jonio. She made it her mission to free female captives throughout the Attamat Islands, and became a very successful pirate captain herself. Many of the female pirates captaining ships in the Attamat today were once her crewmembers.

Eventually, she became the admiral of a fleet of 13 vessels. She retired from pirating in Dancing Dolphin City, where she was such a respected figure that she was immediately elected mayor.

Her daughter, Rosie Calado, has taken over as captain of the Cayrunner.