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Hallandy was a major player in world politics until relatively recently, when a massive zombie infestation (thought to have originated in Dalkhrova) afflicted the population. Since the affliction, Hallandy has been forced to recall all of its armies to defend the kingdom from the unspeakable plague.


Hallandy was formerly noted for its elegance and achievements in the fine arts and architecture. It is well known as a land of great refinement and cultural achievement, shaping and altering the societal structure of the world as a whole. The nobility of Hallandy seeks to out do one another in any way — extravagance, pomp, and circumstance, albeit of a shallow nature. As one of the greatest patrons of the arts, the Prince Regent ordered the costly building and refurbishing of beautiful and exotic public works and architecture. Naturally this has required dipping into the treasury, and the Regent's exuberance often outstrips his pocket at the peoples' expense.

Not only is Hallandic society marked by excessive spending on the part of the Prince Regent, it is also highly stratified, and in many ways there is a dark side to the beauty and fashion that goes beyond the mere presence of a zombie plague. In the dingier, less affluent areas of Basingly, thievery, womanizing, gambling, the existence of rookeries and constant drinking run rampant. Indeed so vast is the difference between the levels of society that they seem to be divided into two distinct casts. Needless to say, the most severe effects of the plague affect the lower classes, while to the nobility the plague is at worst an inconvenience.

The ever-expanding extent of the plague has, however, brought an end to some of the ostentatious frivolity of the noble classes. More and more nobles are training themselves in combat and antinecromantic arts, and this training has even extended to women. It is thought that when the plague is finally fought off, Hallandy will be a different place in many ways.